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Release Name: 0.20

Release Notes

pgTAP 0.20

pgTAP is a unit testing framework for PostgreSQL written in PL/pgSQL and
PL/SQL. It includes a comprehensive collection of TAP-emitting assertion
functions for testing database design and functionatlity, as well as the
ability to integrate with other TAP-emitting test frameworks. It can also be
used in the xUnit testing style.

pgTAP 0.20 includes the following new features:

* Added the `--formatter` and `--archive` options to `pg_prove`.
* Added `has_cast()`, `hasnt_cast()`, and `cast_context_is()`.
* Added `has_operator()`, `has_leftop()`, and `has_rightop()`.

See the Changes document for more details. Enjoy!

Change Log

Revision history for pgTAP

0.20 2009-03-29T19:05:40
* Changed the names of the functions tested in `sql/do_tap.sql` and
  `sql/runtests.sql` so that they are less likely to be ordered differently
  given varying collation orders provided in different locales and by
  different vendors. Reported by Ingmar Brouns.
* Added the `--formatter` and `--archive` options to `pg_prove`.
* Fixed the typos in `pg_prove` where the output of `--help` listed
  `--test-match` and `--test-schema` instead of `--match` and `--schema`.
* Added `has_cast()`, `hasnt_cast()`, and `cast_context_is()`.
* Fixed a borked function signature in `has_trigger()`.
* Added `has_operator()`, `has_leftop()`, and `has_rightop()`.
* Fixed a bug where the order of columns found for multicolum indexes by
  `has_index()` could be wrong. Reported by Jeff Wartes. Thanks to Andrew
  Gierth for help fixing the query.

0.19 2009-02-21T02:09:26

* Added a alernate versions of `col_default_is()` to better handle the common
  case when a default is specified as a string, such as a text or expression
  default. This means that you have to do a lot less casting of default values
  specified in the arguments to `col_default_is()`. It also restores the
  signature that 0.17 recommended be dropped.
* Added `has_role()` and `isnt_role()`.
* Added `has_user()`, `isnt_user()`, `is_superuser()`, and `isnt_superuser()`.
* Added `has_group()`, `isnt_group()`, and `is_member_of()`.
* Fixed syntax in the `Makefile` to make it compatible with older versions of
  `make`. Reported by Aaron Kangas.
* Improved the documentation of `runtests()` to make it clearer that all tests
  it runs are run in transactions that are rolled back after each test.
  Suggested by Aaron Kangas.
* Added the `--runtests`, `--schema`, and `--match` options to `pg_prove` so
  that it can be used to run xUnit-style test functions without an SQL script.
* Fixed a bug in `can()` where it could sometimes report that functions
  were available in a schema when in fact they were not.
* In the schema testing functions, removed the use ofa `quote_ident()` to
  compare all identifiers, such as table names, schema names, column names,
  etc, added in 0.17. This is because `quote_ident(a) = quote_ident(b)` can't
  give a different result than `a = b`, and besides, made things slower and
  prevented the use of indexes. Thanks to Andrew Gierth for the spot.
* The output from `pg_prove` now includes a list of failing tests when it is
  not run with `--verbose`. When using TAP::Harness 3.17 and later, it also
  shows comments and diagnostics in the non-verbose output. Verbose output
  still outputs everything.
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