File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: libpqtypes v1.3.2

Release Notes

Fixed a nasty seg fault issue in array/composite handling 
and added a new behavior to PQputf.  It will now auto-fill 
unset trailing composite fields with NULLs.  This allows a 
system to append new fields to a composite without breaking 
existing code unaware of these fields.

Change Log

Apr 27, 2009 v1.3.2
- Slight change in the behavior of PQputf and PQputvf.  These functions
  will now silently auto-fill unset composite fields with NULLs.  This only
  pertains to the last N fields: if there are 10 fields in a compsoite
  and only 7 are put, the last 3 fields will be auto-filled with SQL NULLs.
  Previously, an error was raised indicating the client and server have
  different ideas about the number of fields in the composite.  That error
  is still raised if the number of params exceeds the number of composite
  fields.  Auto-filling only occurs when the number of params falls short.
- User-defined CFLAGS were being lost due to a dumb assigment at the
  top of the script.  It now properly appends flags to the ones supplied
  by the user.
- Updated PQgetf man page to include a warning about getting arrays and
  composites.  If getf fails after an array or composite was retrieved,
  the PGresult representing the array/composite must still be cleared.
  The solution is to get arrays/composites by themselves or to always
  make them the last field in the getf call (the latter only works
  if there is only one array or composite in the field list).
- Fixed SEGFAULT when getting a NULL compsoite array item.
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