File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.3.1

Release Notes

2009-07-06  -  PgBouncer 1.3.1  -  "Now fully conforming to NSA monitoring requirements"

Change Log

  = Fixes =

    * Fix problem with sbuf_loopcnt which could make connections hang.
      If query or result length is nearby of multiple of (pktlen*sbuf_loopcnt)
      [10k by default], it could stay waiting for more data which will not

    * Make database reconfigure immediate.  Currently old connections
      could be reused after SIGHUP.

    * Fix SHOW DATABASES which was broken due to column addition.

    * Console access was disabled when "auth_mode=any" as pgbouncer dropped username.
      Fix: if "auth_mode=any", allow any user to console as admin.

    * Fix bad CUSTOM_ALIGN macro.  Luckily it's unused if OS already
      defines ALIGN macro thus seems the bug has not happened in wild.

    * win32: call WSAStartup() always, not only in daemon mode
      as config parsing wants to resolve hosts.

    * win32: put quotes around config filename in service
      cmdline to allow spaces in paths.  Executable path
      does not seem to need it due to some win32 magic.

    * Add STATS to SHOW HELP text.

    * doc/usage.txt: the time units in console results are in 
      microseconds, not milliseconds.
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