File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.3.2

Release Notes

Incremental update, bug fixes and little convenience feature, see changelog.

As it contains bugfixes, all users are encouraged to upgrade.

Change Log

  * Implement --from support in all readers (Closes: #531034)
  * Use psycopg cursor.copy_expert() when available (> 2.0.6)
  * FIX fixedreader: it now know about -C
  * FIX Round Robin Reader with respect to offsets in readlines()
  * support python 2.3 if not using RRR (not importing collections.deque)
  * change logger initialisation to support python 2.3
  * FIX bad usage of STDERR in the code
  * Implement skip_head_lines option in configuration (superseded by -F)
  * Do not sort() section list when it's been given on command line
  * Catch InterfaceError when trying to close connection
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