File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: openrpt-3.1.0

Change Log

3.1.0 ChangeLog


Feature Additions

  ● Added additional command line support to set some variables via stdin

  ● Added Itialian Translation

  ● Added Spanish Translation

  ● Format options extended to non-totalling fields

  ● Add ability to move selected items with arrow keys

  ● Add ability to modify font on several items are once

  ● Added in memory so OpenRPT window remembers last size/position

Bug Fixes

  ● Updated some of the existing translations

  ● Fixed problem with queries not being reset the first item after being used
    in a detail section

  ● Fixed problem certain options not saving correctly

  ● Changed the way RPTrender's edit list behaved when loading reports, now
    clears out previous information

  ● Fixed importmqlgui to strip whitespace characters from end of names when

  ● Fixed OpenRPT editor to not cut-off the bottom of long reports

  ● Improved UI for document window to address some minor problems and ease of

  ● Fixed jittery snap-to on Mac

  ● Improved presentation of grid so it did not disappear when you zoomed in

  ● Improved the way custom page size are handled when printing

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