File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: wxPostgres-0.3.1

Release Notes

* Fixed bug: closing connection does not detach all clients.
* Fixed bug: memory leak in Database::run_().

Change Log

2009-10-07	Aurimas Černius	<>
    * NEWS: Added news for version 0.3.1.

2009-10-06	Aurimas Černius	<>
    * configure: regenerated.

    * AC_INIT - changed version to 0.3.1.

    * Doxyfile: PROJECT_NUMBER - changed to 0.3.1.

    * libwxpostgres_la_LDFLAGS - version info changed to 0:1:0.

    * regenerated.

    * conf.h: PACKAGE_STRING - changed version to 0.3.1.
              PACKAGE_VERSION - changed to 0.3.1.
              VERSION - changed to 0.3.1.

    * wxPostgres.cbp: output file name in GTK targets changed to have version information 0.0.1.

2009-10-05	Aurimas Černius	<>
    * database.cpp: begin_transaction - call rollback() non-conditionally.
                    enter_transaction - call in_transaction() instead of checking for transaction_.
                    commit - call in_transaction() instead of checking for transaction_,
                             coding style fix.
                    rollback - call in_transaction() instead of checking for transaction_,
                               always call detach_clients_() at the end.
                    in_transaction - fully rewritten.

2009-09-28	Aurimas Černius	<>
    * database.cpp: connect - use connected() to check, if connected successfully.
                              do not modify transaction_ and trans_depth_ here.
                              call PQfinish() only if connection_ is not NULL.
                              call detach_clients_() after disconnect.

    * data_row.cpp: clear - do not detach from database here.

    * prepared_statement.cpp: deallocate - detach from database before deallocating.

    * query.cpp: clear - detach from transaction before ending it.
                         rollback, if commit if unsuccessfull.

2009-09-26	Aurimas Černius	<>
    * database.cpp: run_ - if PQexec() fails only set lest_err_, do not return.
                           make main switch conditional, remove return from inside switch on error.
                           do cleanup ant detaching at the end.
                    detach - fixed coding style.
                    connected - fixed coding style.
                                add connection check using PQstatus().
                    last_err - fixed coding style.
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