File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.4.0

Release Notes

This is a big step forward with integration of posix_fadvise.

Take care that state files are wrote by pgmincore_snapshot in the same directory than your tables and indexes /!\

Change Log

- fix test is not temp table
- add posix_fadvise_willneed flag
- add posix_fadvise_dontneed flag
- add posix_fadvise_normal flag
- add posix_fadvise_sequential flag
- add posix_fadvise_random flag
- rewrite main SRF
- improve output (more informations)
- fix copyright
- add pgsysconf()
- add pgmincore_snapshot to write mincore state in a file
- add pgfadv_willneed_snapshot to read mincore state from file
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