File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.11

Release Notes

2010-02-03  -  SkyTools 2.1.11  -  "Replicates Like Randy Rabbit"

Change Log

= Fixes =

  * londiste, pgq smart triggers: crash in case the table info cache
    invalidation callback was called from signal handler.  Fix it by
    moving cache operations out of callback.

  * walmgr:
    - symlink handling for pg_log and pg_xlog
    - Set archive_command to "/bin/true" for restored postgresql.conf
    (Martin Pihlak, Mark Kirkwood)

  * londiste copy:
    - Make constraint dropping work for inherited tables
      (Hannu Krosing)

    - Do not restore fkeys to tables with unknown replication status
      or coming from different queue.  (Hannu Krosing)

    - Use TRUNCATE ONLY on 8.4+.  (Sergey Konoplev)

    - Replace last copy pidfile check with signal_pidfile,
      thus avoiding potential infinite stall with dead copy.

  * londiste repair: set LC_ALL=C when calling 'sort' to have
    byte based sorting.

  * skytools.DBScript:
    - Add --version switch to show skytools version.  (Hannu Krosing)

    - Safer pidfile handling - avoid creating zero-length files
      on disk full situation by deleting them on write error.

  * pgq.Event: ev.retry, ev.ev_retry fields for retry count.
    (Nico Mandery)

  * pgq.maint_retry_events(): lock table to allow only single mover.

  * pgq.logutriga() did not put custom pkey= value into events.

  * pgq.logutriga() and pgq.sqltriga() did allow UPDATE and DELETE
    on tables without pkey, running into SQL errors downstream.
    They should throw error in such case.

  * Fix DeprecationWarning on Python 2.6 vs. 'import sets'.

  * make deb: Work around Debian's --install-layout related braindamage.
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