File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.3.2

Release Notes

2010-03-15  -  PgBouncer 1.3.2  -  "Boomerang Bullet"

Change Log

  = Fixes =

    * New config var 'query_wait_timeout'.  If client does not get
      server connection in this many seconds, it will be killed.

    * If no server connection in pool and last connect failed, then
      don't put client connections on hold but send error immediately.

      This together with previous fix avoids unnecessary stalls if
      a database has gone down.

    * Track libevent state in sbuf.c to avoid double event_del().  Although
      it usually is safe, it does not seem to work 100%.  Now we should always
      know whether it has been called or not.

    * Disable maintenance during SUSPEND.  Otherwise with short timeouts
      the old bouncer could close few connections after sending them over.

    * Apply client_login_timeout to clients waiting for welcome packet
      (first server connection).  Otherwise they can stay waiting
      infinitely, unless there is query_timeout set.

    * win32: Add switch -U/-P to -regservice to let user pick account
      to run service under.  Old automatic choice between Local Service and
      Local System was not reliable enough.

    * console: Remove \0 from end of text columns.  It was hard to notice,
      as C clients were fine with it.

    * Documentation improvements.  (Greg Sabino Mullane)

    * Clarify few login-related log messages.

    * Change logging level for pooler-sent errors (usually on disconnect) from INFO
      to WARNING, as they signify problems.

    * Change log message for query_timeout to "query timeout".
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