File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1

Release Notes

2010-04-23  -  PlProxy 2.1  -  "Quality Horrorshow"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * SPLIT: New SPLIT statement to convert incoming array arguments
      into smaller per-partition arrays:

      (Martin Pihlak)

    * SQL/MED: Cluster can be defined with SQL/MED facilities,
      instead of old-style plproxy.* functions.

      (Martin Pihlak)

  = Minor fixes/features =

    * Allow to customize location to pg_config via PG_CONFIG make variable.
      (David E. Wheeler)

    * Remote errors and notices are now passed upwards with all details.
      Previously only error message pas passed and notices were ignored.

    * Show remote database name in error messages.

    * Compatible with Postgres 9.0.

    * Compatible with flex 2.5.35+ - it now properly defines it's
      own functions, so PL/Proxy does not need to do it.  Otherwise
      compilation will fail if flex definitions are hacked (MacOS).

    * Rework regests to make them work across 8.2..9.0 and decrease
      chance of spurious failures.  The encoding test still fails
      if Postgres instance is not created with LANG=C.

    * deb: per-version packaging: `make debXY` will create
      `postgresql-plproxy-X.Y` package.
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