File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Release 1.4.1

Release Notes

This is long-waited bug-fix release. Because the bug as significant affect, I added test script to test what WAL record is handled, as well as test result. Thank you very much for many advices how to create specific WAL record. For PostgreSQL 8.3.x, download pg_lesslog_1.4.1_pg83.tar.gz. For PostgreSQL 8.4.x, download pg_lesslog_1.4.1_pg84.tar.gz.

Change Log

1. Fixed a bug in the calculation of record length for some of WAL records. 2. Now pg_compresslog has a feature to print list of handled WAL records, their LSNs, length and how they're compressed. 3. pg_compresslog and pg_decompresslog will overwrite the output if the target file exists. This is the same behavior as cp and rsync. 4. Added a test script to run PostgreSQL, archive all the WALs, tests the recovery was done, and shows what WAL records were involved.

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