File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.24

Release Notes

pgTAP 0.24

pgTAP is a unit testing framework for PostgreSQL written in PL/pgSQL and
PL/SQL. It includes a comprehensive collection of TAP-emitting assertion
functions as well as the ability to integrate with other TAP-emitting test
frameworks. It can also be used in the xUnit testing style.

Change Log

pgTAP 0.24 Changes
* Got `sql/artap.sql` tests passing again when building with `$TAPSCHEMA` set.
* Changed to saner source URL in `contrib/pgtap.spec`.
* Fixed a bug in `has_member()` where it failed to confirm that users were
  actually members of a group.
* Fixed a bug where `display_type()` would include the schema name in its
  output for types not found in the current path, despite its assertion that
  it wouldn't.
* Changed the diagnostic output for row type mismatches from `set_eq()`,
  `set_ne()`, `bag_eq()`, and `bag_ne()` to include the schema name for types
  not found in the search path.
* Fixed bug in the diagnostic output of `set_eq()`, `set_ne()`, `bag_eq()`,
  and `bag_ne()` where a column's type would not be displayed if the column
  was not in the search path. Thanks to Rod Taylor for the spot!
* Made the implementation of `row_eq()` always return a value, even if the
  query it executes returns no rows.
* Fixed bug in the default description for `col_type_is()` where the column
  name was listed as the type!
* Updated the `Makefile` and the test suite to support PostgreSQL 9.
* Removed the primary keys from the temporary tables used internally by pgTAP
  and thus eliminated the logging of NOTICEs to the PostgreSQL log when pgTAP
  creates those tables.
* Eliminated the need to set `USE_PGXS=1` when building outsde the contrib
  directory of the PostgreSQL distribution. If `pg_config` isn't in the
  `$PATH` environment variable, one can simply set `PG_CONFIG` to point to it.
  If building inside the contrib directory, set `NO_PGXS=1`.
* Fixed typo in the statement to drop the `tap_funky` view in
  `uninstall_pgtap.sql`. Thanks to Erik Rijkers.
* Removed deprecated `can_ok()` functions. Use `has_function()`, instead.
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