File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.2.0

Change Log

3.2.0 ChangeLog


Feature Additions

  ● Switched Scroll with ctrl + mouse wheel.

  ● Zoom range increase.

  ● Added default format for totals.

  ● Added save grid options in document.

  ● Added Undo / redo feature.

Bug Fixes

  ● Fixed Stand-alone metasql editor to correctly list schemas and queries.

  ● Fixed when multiple items are dragged to another section, they appear to
    move, but don't all change the section they belong to.

  ● Fixed Items that don't change section when they are moved with the keyboard

  ● Fixed tranlation to load internal Qt strings that were not being

  ● Fixed Human readable part of barcodes not adjusted properly when bar width
    is changed.

  ● Fixed Embedded MetaSQL edit File->Exit closes out of host client all

  ● Fixed Parameter Query that was not workin correctly on MySQL database.

  ● Fixed incorrect print and preview reports in non-ASCII.

  ● Fixed newly inserted items not being printed or saved.
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