File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.12

Release Notes

2010-11-10  -  SkyTools 2.1.12  -  "Portable Minefield"

To apply Londiste database-side fixes, run 'londiste.upgrade.sql'
where needed.

Change Log

 = Features =

  * Support Postgres 9.0.  (Devrim Gündüz, Jason Buberel, Sébastien Lardière)

  * walmgr: Introduce a 'slave_pg_xlog' configuration variable.
    This allows master and slave pg_xlog files to be in different
    locations. During restore this directory is symlinked to
    slave pg_xlog.  (Steve Singer)

  * walmgr: Introduce a 'backup_datadir' configuration variable to
    control whether the slave data directory is kept or
    overwritten during restore.  (Steve Singer)

  * walmgr: consider wal_level during setup/stop (Martin Pihlak)

  * skytools.dbstruct: support version-dependant sql.

  * psycopgwrapper: always set db.server_version

 = Fixes =

  * londiste copy: restore index clustering info.  (André Malo)

  * londiste repair: use subprocess module instead os.popen4, where
    available.  (Shoaib Mir)

  * pgqadm: Remove unnecessary JOIN in refresh_queues().  (Artyom Nosov)

  * londiste add: dont send new table/seq list into queue, not useful,
    only can cause surprise removal in case of several 'provider add'+
    'subscriber add' pairs.

  * londiste launcher: don't interpret file 'londiste' as module.
    Needed for 3.0 compatibility.

  * walmgr: "sync" now omits unneeded WAL segments if the
    database has been cleanly shut down. This greatly reduces
    sync time during planned switchovers as usually there
    is only a single WAL file to be synched to slave.

  * Add missing quoting.  The functions are unused,
    thus missed the last round of fixes.

  * Building from CVS/GIT assumes --with-asciidoc automatically.

  * Newer asciidoc/docbook do not need hack.  Remove it.
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