File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.2.1

Change Log

3.2.1 ChangeLog


Feature Additions

  ● N/A

Bug Fixes

  ● Fixed Status bar not showing correct message in non-latin character sets.

  ● Fixed Context Query not always save correctly when using translations.

  ● Fixed changing of queries that was not detected when editing existing

  ● Fixed resizing a section that was not detected as a change.

  ● Fixed Line items that are hard to grab.

  ● Added warning message at save when detail section does not have query

  ● Removed debug message about unknown element grid when previewing in

  ● Fixed Line items that don't always change section correctly.

  ● Fixed newly created line items that were not displayed.

  ● Fixed Snap To Grid that was not working consistently.

  ● Fixed Items that don't change section correctly when they are moved using
    their resizing handles.

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