File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.4.1

Release Notes

2011-04-01  -  PgBouncer 1.4.1  -  "It Was All An Act"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * Support listening/connect for IPv6 addresses.
      (Hannu Krosing)

    * Multiple listen addresses in 'listen_addr'.  For each getaddrinfo()
      is called, so names can also be used.

    * console: Send PgBouncer version as 'server_version' to client.

  = Important Fixes =

    * Disable getaddrinfo_a() on glibc < 2.9 as it crashes on older versions.

      Notable affected OS'es: RHEL/CentOS 5.x (glibc 2.5), Ubuntu 8.04 (glibc 2.7).
      Also Debian/lenny (glibc 2.7) which has non-crashing getaddrinfo_a()
      but we have no good way to detect it.

      Please use libevent 2.x on such OS'es, fallback getaddrinfo_a() is not
      meant for production systems.  And read new 'DNS lookup support' section
      in README to see how DNS backend is picked.

      (Hubert Depesz Lubaczewski, Dominique Hermsdorff, David Sommerseth)

    * Default to --enable-evdns if libevent 2.x is used.

    * Turn on tcp_keepalive by default, as that's what Postgres also does.
      (Hubert Depesz Lubaczewski)

    * Set default server_reset_query to DISCARD ALL to be compatible
      with Postgres by default.

    * win32: Fix crashes with NULL unix socket addr.
      (Hiroshi Saito)

    * Fix autodb cleanup: old cleanup code was mixing up databases and pools
      - as soon as one empty pool was found, the database was tagged as 'idle',
      potentially later killing database with active users.

      Reported-By: Hubert Depesz Lubaczewski

  = Fixes =

    * Make compat getaddrinfo_a() non-blocking, by using single parallel
      thread to do lookups.

    * Enable pthread compilation if compat getaddrinfo_a is used.

    * release_server missed setting ->last_lifetime_disconnect on lifetime disconnect.
      (Emmanuel Courreges)

    * win32: fix auth file on DOS line endings - load_file() did not take
      account of file shringage when loading.
      (Rich Schaaf)

    * <usual/endian.h>: add autoconf detection for enc/dec functions
      so it would not create conflicts on BSD.
      (James Pye)

    * Don't crash when config file does not exist.
      (Lou Picciano)

    * Don't crash on DNS lookup failure when logging on noise level (-v -v).
      (Hubert Depesz Lubaczewski, Dominique Hermsdorff)

    * Use backticks instead of $(cmd) in to make it more portable.
      (Lou Picciano)

    * Use 'awk' instead of 'sed' in to make it more portable.
      (Giorgio Valoti)

    * Log active async DNS backend info on startup.

    * Fix --disable-evdns to mean 'no' instead 'yes'.

    * Mention in docs that -R requires unix_socket_dir.

    * Discuss server_reset_query in faq.txt.

    * Restore lost memset in slab allocator

    * Various minor portability fixes in libusual.
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