File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0

Release Notes

Major changes:

 * New API
 * Snapshot are not stored in plain file anymore (thus they can be stored in a table now)
 * Usage on temp table is no longer prohibited
 * Fine grain control of the file map (pages to load/unload)
 * 9.1 Extension support

Change Log

- Output varbit containing vector information with pgfincore*()
- Add Debian packaging (Dimitri Fontaine)
- Update to work with PostgreSQL >= 9.1 (Jeff Janes)
- Add total number of pages of memory with pgsysconf()
- Add function pgsysconf_pretty()
- Major rewrite of the functions
- pgfadvise*() to handle simple posix_fadvise call
- pgfadvise_loader() to restore file status (pages in/out cache)
- pgfincore*() to handle mincore usage
- pgsysconf*() to handle sysconf information
- Use get_call_result_type() to build the tuple descriptor (suggested by RhodiumToad on IRC)
- Remove limitation of usage on temp tables
- Improve 9.1 installation (Extension)
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