File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.3

Release Notes

2011-10-25  -  PlProxy 2.3  -  "Unmanned Crowd Control"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * Global SQL/MED options: ALTER FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER plproxy OPTIONS ... ;
      (Petr Jelinek)

    * New config options: keepalive_idle, keepalive_interval, keepalive_count.
      For TCP keepalive tuning.  Alternative to libpq keepalive options
      when older libpq is used or when central tuning is preferrable.

  = Fixes =

    * Fix memory leak in SPLIT - it was leaking array element type info.

  = Docs =

    * Use Asciidoc ListingBlock for code - results in nicer HTML.

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