File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.5

Release Notes

2012-01-05  -  PgBouncer 1.5  -  "Bouncing Satisified Clients Since 2007"

  If you use more than 8 IPs behind one DNS name, you now need to
  use EDNS0 protocol to query.  Only getaddrinfo_a()/getaddrinfo()
  and UDNS backends support it, libevent 1.x/2.x does not.
  To enable it for libc, add 'options edns0' to /etc/resolv.conf.

  GNU Make 3.81+ is required for building.

Change Log

  = Features =

    * Detect DNS reply changes and invalidate connections to IPs no longer
      present in latest reply.
      (Petr Jelinek)

    * DNS zone serial based hostname invalidation.  When option
      dns_zone_check_period is set, all DNS zones will be queried
      for SOA, and when serial has changed, all hostnames
      will be queried.  This is needed to get deterministic
      connection invalidation, because invalidation on lookup
      is useless when no lookups are performed.
      Works only with new UDNS backend.

    * New SHOW DNS_HOSTS, SHOW DNS_ZONES commands to examine DNS cache.

    * New param: min_pool_size - avoids dropping all connections
      when there is no load.
      (Filip RembiaƂkowski)

    * idle_in_transaction_timeout - kill transaction if idle too long.
      Not set by default.

    * New libudns backend for DNS lookups.  More featureful than evdns.
      Use --with-udns to activate.  Does not work with IPv6 yet.

    * KILL command, to immediately kill all connections for one database.
      (Michael Tharp)

    * Move to Antimake build system to have better looking Makefiles.
      Now GNU Make 3.81+ is required for building.

  = Fixes =

    * DNS now works with IPv6 hostnames.

    * Don't change connection state when NOTIFY arrives from server.

    * Various documentation fixes.
      (Dan McGee)

    * Console: Support ident quoting with "".  Originally we did not
      have any commands that took database names, so no quoting was needed.

    * Console: allow numbers at the stard of word regex.  Trying
      to use strict parser makes things too complex here.

    * Don't expire auto DBs that are paused.
      (Michael Tharp)

    * Create auto databases as needed when doing PAUSE.
      (Michael Tharp)

    * Fix wrong log message issued by RESUME command.
      (Peter Eisentraut)

    * When user= without password= is in database connect string,
      password will be taken from userlist.

    * Parse '*' properly in takeover code.

    * work with older autoconf/automake.

    * Fix run-as-service crash on win32 due to bad basename() from
      mingw/msvc runtime.  Now compat basename() is always used.

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