File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.13

Release Notes

2012-03-13  -  SkyTools 2.1.13  -  "Pailapsiin Overdose"

Change Log

  * Convert SkyTools to use symbolic isolation level constants.
    Pscyopg 2.4.2/2.4.3 have renumbered isolation levels, which
    made "londiste copy" lose data.  Pscyopg 2.4.4 fixes it.

    But make SkyTools conform to new Pscyopg conventions so Londiste
    can survive such changes in the future.  This also makes Londiste
    work with those 2 Pscyopg versions.

  * Use REPEATABLE READ isolation level on copy.  Pre-9.1 REPEATABLE READ
    and SERIALIZABLE were the same.  9.1+ introduce new SERIALIZABLE
    which does more than we want.

  * londiste add-table: make trigger check sql 9.1-compatible.
    (Sébastien Lardière)

  * Make C modules compile on 9.2.

  * v2.1.12 broke psycopg <= 2.0.9.  Fix.
    (Dimitri Fontaine)

  * Fix rare crash in pgq.insert_event() & pgq triggers.
    (Backport from 3.0)

  * walmgr:
    - Sync changes from 3.0 branch.
      (Martin Pihlak)

    - Add support for detecting stale locks and releasing them
      instead of aborting
      (Steve Singer)

    - Move the pg_stop_backup() into a finally: block.
      Some instances were reported where the base backup failed with some issue
      but pg_stop_backup() hadn't been called and had to be called manually.
      This should make that less likely
      (Steve Singer)

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