File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: oracle_fdw 0.9.4

Release Notes

Another beta release, contains some relevant changes.

Change Log

- Support the new foreign data wrapper API introduced in 9.2.
  In PostgreSQL 9.2 and above, WHERE conditions that get pushed down to Oracle will not be checked a second time.
- Improve error messages for errors during conversion of Oracle data so that the problem can be diagnosed.

- Fix uninitialized value that caused intermittent server crashes.
  Per report from Bruno Voigt.
- Rework the handling of errors and transactions.  Now an error should not be able to cause an Oracle transaction to be left open.
  This also fixes a bug introduced in 0.9.3 that prevented Oracle errors from being reported as DETAIL message.
  Also, all foreign scans in one local query will now be executed within one Oracle transaction if they belong to the same Oracle session.
- Rework memory management to exclude memory leaks under all circumstances.
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