File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.0.1

Release Notes

2012-04-18  -  SkyTools 3.0.1  -  "All The Snow You Can Eat"

Change Log

 = Features =

    * skytools.config: new .getbytes() method to support
      human-readable sizes.

  = Fixes =

    * skytools.skylog: Wrap logger.handlers.SysLogHandler to work
      around broken BOM addition when logging unicode() strings.

    * skytools.skylog: Improve compatibility with direct
      logger module usage.

    * debian/skytools.ini: include in tgz

    * pgqd(libusual): ignore EINTR on close()

    * Better error message in londiste.handler.dispatch
      when part_field is NULL.

    * Bump internal version in pgq/pgq_coop/pgq_node schemas.
      Seems I forgot to do it for 3.0, probably because
      there were doc-only changes in SQL code.
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