File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.0.2

Release Notes

2012-05-10  -  SkyTools 3.0.2  -  "Consumes 30% Less Brain Than Competing Products"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * Draft implementation of fine-grained grants for SQL
      functions.  See commit doc/sql-grants.txt for details.
      New roles are created during upgrade, but new grants
      need to be applied manually.

    * pgq.create_queue: instead pre-determined grants,
      copy grants for event tables from pgq.event_template.

    * script, for simply event processing
      by simply launching a SQL function for each event.

    * londiste.handlers.part: make hash function configurable

    * psycopgwrapper: allow name= argument to .cursor()

  = Fixes =

    * londiste: Always use TRUNCATE CASCADE

    * pgq.cascade.CascadedWorker: publish_local_wm() is missing a commit

    * walmgr: fix backup from slave (Sergey Burladyan)

  = Cleanups =

    * pgq.insert_event(): outer wrapper does not need to be secdef

    * source.cfg: minor improvements

    * sql/pgq: use terse verbosity in regtests

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