File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.0.3

Release Notes

2012-05-30  -  SkyTools 3.0.3  -  "Biometric Authentication by Yodeling"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * londiste copy: copy table from another node (add-table --copy-node=NODE)
    * londiste remove-table: drop sequence too
    * public.create_partition: move under londiste schema, it's now generic enough
    * londiste.create_partitions: Support copying rules from master table
    * handlers.dispatch: use londiste.create_partitions, use old func as fallback
    * walmgr: add option for init-slave to add password from file to .pgpass
    * walmgr: add command synch-standby

  = Fixes =

    * CascadedWorker: merge-leaf-to-branch needs to publish wm info
    * pgq_node.create_node: create branch nodes with disable_insert set
    * pgq.insert_event: ignore disable_insert if in 'replica' role
    * create_partition: public grant needs special casing
    * skytools.dbstruct: better rule name redirection
    * debian: add build-deps, force debian/control rebuild
    * pgq_node.unregister_location: do automatic unsubscribe
    * pgq_node.drop_node: drop queue data even if node_info is empty
    * londiste add-table: --expect-sync does not require table existance on provider

  = Cleanups =

    * skytools_upgrade: show old version before upgrade
    * CascadeAdmin: add node name prefix messages from db
    * handlers.dispatch: add comment about differences from part_func
    * londiste.find_table_oid: drop old version - 9.1+ panics when argument name changes
    * dbservice.get_record_list: do not use parse_pgarray on python lists

  = Win32 =

    * skytools.scripting: catch EINTR from sleep()
    * signal_pidfile: support sig=0 on win32
    * skytools.scripting: detect if signal name exists

  = Schema version changes =

    * pgq_node.version():
    * londiste.version():

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