File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.1

Release Notes

2012-07-19  -  SkyTools 3.1  -  "Carnival-on-a-Stick"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * londiste: Wait commands
      > londiste $ini add-table .. --wait-sync
      > londiste $ini wait-sync
        Wait until all tables are fully copied over.
      > londiste $ini wait-root
        Wait for next tick on root reaches local node.
      > londiste $ini wait-provider
        Wait for next tick on provider reaches local node.

    * londiste execute: support meta attributes in sql
      This allows execute ADD COLUMN from root, over whole
      cascade  even when not all nodes contain the table.

        --*-- Local-Table: mytable
        ALTER TABLE mytable ADD COLUMN foo text;

    * Convert DB modules to extensions (9.1+).  Now following modules
      are available as extensions: pgq, pgq_node, pgq_coop, pgq_ext, londiste.
      All the old files are kept in old locations to avoid any breakage.

      Known problems in Postgres extensions infrastructure (as of 9.1.4):

      - pg_dump crashes when extensions has sequence whose value needs to be dumped.
        Thus pgq.batch_id_seq cannot be made dumpable, thus it's value
        gets lost during dump+reload.

      - CREATE EXTENSION pgq_coop FROM unpackaged; + DROP EXTENSION pgq_coop;
        will not drop schema.  Plain CREATE+DROP works fine.

  = Minor Features =

    * londiste.applied_execute: drop queue_name from pkey
    * pgq.LocalConsumer: consumer that tracks processed ticks in local file
    * simple_local_consumer: LocalConsumer that runs query for each event.
    * pgq.Consumer: 'table_filter' config param, filters on ev_extra1,
      where PgQ triggers put source table name.
    * londiste.periodic_maintenance: cleanup for applied_execute
    * pgq.maint_operations: include londiste.periodic_maintenance
    * skytools.exists_view(): new function
    * skytools.fileutil: new module, contains write_atomic()
    * londiste.handler: make encoding= param available to part & londiste handlers
    * debian: build modules for all installed server-dev versions

  = Fixes =

    * CascadedConsumer: re-initialize provider connection when location changes
    * pgq_node.drop_node: mention node name in info message
    * drop-node: move find_root before local drop
    * pgq.maint_rotate_tables: check txid sanity, fail if bad
    * sql_tokenizer: allow idents starting with underscore
    * BaseScript: write pidfile atomically to avoid corrupt pidfiles.
    * londiste replay: skip provider checks if copy_node is used
    * CascadedWorker: don't move watermark on source further than incoming batch.

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