File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.5.3

Release Notes

2012-09-12  -  PgBouncer 1.5.3  -  "Quantum Toaster"

Change Log

  = Critical fix =

    * Too long database names can lead to crash, which
      is remotely triggerable if autodbs are enabled.

      The original checks assumed all names come from config files,
      thus using fatal() was fine, but when autodbs are enabled
      - by '*' in [databases] section - the database name can come
      from network thus making remote shutdown possible.

  = Minor Features =

    * max_packet_size - config parameter to tune maximum packet size
      that is allowed through.  Default is kept same: (2G-1), but now
      it can be made smaller.

    * In case of unparseable packet header, show it in hex in log and
      error message.

  = Fixes =

    * AntiMake: it used $(relpath) and $(abspath) to manupulate pathnames,
      but the result was build failure when source tree path contained
      symlinks.  The code is now changed to work on plain strings only.

    * console: now SET can be used to set empty string values.

    * config.txt: show that all timeouts can be set in floats.
      This is well-hidden feature introduced in 1.4.

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