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Release Name:

Release Notes

The provider only supports back end versions 7.4.x or above.

The "OpenRowset" implementation is completely untested. As ADO doesn't call OpenRowset,
this won't affect too many people.

The exact same goes to "GetSchemas" implementation.

The "time", "timestamp" and "timestamptz" types depend on the way the server was compiled.
For servers running version 8.0 or above, it is possible to query at runtime in what way the
server returns the type, and PgOleDb will proprely handle it. If the server version is 7.4,
most likely the "double" representation will be used, which means that the provider may return
incorrect values, or potentially even throw a "division by zero" exception.

Change Log

New to version
- Improve handling of the "time", "timestamp" and "timestamptz" types with diffent backends.

New to version
- Lots of new types supported. Currently supported types are:
bool, name, int8, int2, int4, text, oid, xid, float4, float8, unknown, money, text[],
bpchar, varchar, date, time, timestamp, timestamptz and numeric, as well as non-builtin
types varcharci and utinyint.

New to Version
- Schema support. Only "TABLES" at this point.

New to Version
- Greatly improve the error reporting
- Fix the "no error checking on IID_NULL" bug.
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