File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.1.1

Release Notes

2012-10-09  -  SkyTools 3.1.1  -  "Service Oriented Diapers"

  Queue_mover and queue_splitter now have service names ending with 3.
  Config files need to change: [queue_mover3], [queue_splitter3].

Change Log

  = Minor Features =

    * scriptmgr: option for specifying service type (-t / --type)
    * scriptmgr: status command can optionally be more selective
    * skytools_upgrade: "dry run" option (--not-really)
    * pgq.Consumer: log idle time, keepalive_stats tper
    * pgq.Consumer: keepalive_stats to force logging even when idle

  = Cleanups =

    * "show version" command
    * unified results displaying
    * skytools.scripting: added shutdown() to BaseScript
    * skytools.scripting: log config reload, updated comment.
    * skytools.__init__: added symbols for natsort module
    * updated script version, added pgq version, amended messages
    * scripts: changed queue_mover and queue_splitter service_name to end with '3'

  = Fixes =

    * pgqd: make connections handling more robust
    * londiste compare/repair: when provider is branch, stop it's worker to get sync
    * walmgr: Don't complain if a nonexistent WAL file is encountered during cleanup.
    * pgq_node.demote_root: decrease lock level
    * londiste.local_remove_table: resture DDL if still attached to table
    * pgq_coop.next_batch: check and create subconsumers after locking main consumer
    * --sync-watermark: don't allow subtree wm get above upstream wm
    * londiste compare: calculate common column names
    * londiste compare: use md5() if comparing 8.3 with 8.4+
    * Use python interpreter given by '--with-python=PYTHON' everywhere
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