File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.6.0

Release Notes

This is the sixth main release of Pyrseas, a framework for upgrading/migrating a PostgreSQL database. It now supports additional DDL features, including EXTENSIONs, COLLATIONs, OWNER information, access privileges (GRANT and REVOKE), TABLESPACEs and much more, including PostgreSQL 9.2.

Change Log

  * Added support for:

    - OWNER information
    - Access privileges (GRANT and REVOKE)
    - TABLESPACEs for tables, primary keys and indexes
    - MATCH attributes for foreign keys (#34)
    - ENUMs with no labels (#31)
    - UNLOGGED tables (#45)
    - CREATE FUNCTION SET configuration_parameter (#46)
    - PostgreSQL 9.2

  * Correctly support index functions/expressions (#3, #44).

  * Schema-qualify composite types when dropping or renaming
    attributes (#47)

  * Fix DbConnection exception handling under Python 3 (#25).

  * dbtoyaml

    - Fix -t option to output sequences owned by table and the schema
    - Use pg_user_mappings view to allow usage by non-superusers.

  * yamltodb

    - Schema-qualify table when dropping columns (#26).
    - Correct column drop/add case in middle of table (#8).
    - Fix adding and dropping of columns in inherited tables (#33).
    - Enable renaming of indexes (#38).
    - Ignore all temp schemas (#37)

  * dbtoyaml/yamltodb

    - Give PGUSER precedence over USER environment variable.

  * Testing

    - Added support, via Tox, for testing against multiple
      PostgreSQL/Python combinations

    - Changes and documentation for testing on Microsoft Windows
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