File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.1.2

Release Notes

2012-11-02  -  SkyTools 3.1.2  -  "Tank in a Tarball"

Change Log

 = Features =

    * --find-copy-node switch to 'add-table' that instructs 'copy'
      to walk upwards until it finds node that has full table.
      Parts of the patch were in earlier, but they did not work
      on merge node properly. Now the walk code was moved to copy,
      instead being done during add-table to fix that.

      Compare and repair does not support (yet) such walking.

  = Minor Features =

    * Allow overrided options with --set to show up in --ini output
    * Londiste: try to show exact event info on failure.

  = Fixes =

    * walmgr: Move .walshipping.last update AFTER rsync. Otherwise
      rsync failure will not be noticed during "master sync".
    * londiste execute: when ddl was already applied, connection was
      left in wrong mode. Fix.
    * Fix compare expression - md5() was in wrong place.
    * Fix Londiste compare and repair to accept copy-condition from handler (Asko Oja)
    * londiste: don't filter EXECUTE or TRUNCATE events on merge node
    * qadmin: make "install pgq" also install pgq_coop
    * Fix 2.1 to 3.0 upgade script, rename to pgq.upgrade_2.1_to_3.0.sql
    * Reorg of Londiste tests (Asko Oja)
    * Socket library autoconf (Tony Arkles)
    * pgq: quote internal table names
    * Bump pgq schema version to 3.1.2

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