File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.1.3

Release Notes

2012-12-21  -  SkyTools 3.1.3  -  "Chainsaw-wielding Toothfairy"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * londiste resurrect: Sync queue contents on old dead root.
    * londiste node-status: Show info about local node.
    * londiste takeover --dead-root: search for node with latest batches.
    * londiste compare/repair: work with tables not available on immediate provider
    * londiste change-handler: change python handler and trigger on table

  = Minor features and cleanups =

    * Auto-upgrade Londiste 2 schema.
    * debian: /etc/skytools.ini is preconfigured for pgqd and londiste3 scripts.
    * Clean londiste/cascadeadmin --help text.
    * syncer: Clean up error messages.
    * syncer: Add missing throttling.
    * londiste handlers parameter validation.
    * Pure-Python fallback for hashtext module.

  = Fixes =

    * If pgq.unregister_consumer() is used on subconsumer, don't drop main consumer.
    * londiste add-table throws error if table already exists but with different handler.
    * syncer: throttle queries when waiting
    * Fix exception_hook crash if curs.query is None
    * Fix extension version mismatches which made them uninstallable.
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