File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.8

Release Notes

Download the file corresponding to your architecture.


  1. Put the pfm-2.0.8-linux-x86.tar.gz file that you have downloaded
     in a temporary location and open a terminal window.

  2. Unpack that file using

     tar --extract --gunzip --file=pfm-2.0.8-linux-x86.tar.gz

  3. cd to the directory pfm-2.0.8-linux-x86 that was created as a
     result from the extract operation.

  4. If you want to install pfm at system level, login as root by typing


     Note: On some Linux systems (such as Ubuntu), you cannot login as
           root using 'su'. On these systems, immediately start the
           installation script by typing

           sudo ./install.tcl

           Then continue at point 6.

  5. Start the install.tcl script by typing


  6. Just answer a few questions and that's it!


Just run the executable


that you have downloaded.

After installing you may need to change the psql option such that
pfm can find the psql.exe program of PostgreSQL.

Change Log

Bugs fixed:

  1. Nr          : 1011307
     Title       : pfm refuses to start on Tcl/Tk 8.6
     Description :

        The problem comes from the statement 'package require Itcl 3.4'.
        Tcl/Tk 8.6 has version 4.0 instead of 3.4.

        I thought that 'package require Itcl 3.4' means 'version 3.4
        or higher', but, looking at the Tcl documentation now, I
        must admit that this is wrong. What it actually means is
        'version 3.4 or higher, but not as high as 4.0'. So, 3.5 and
        3.7.11 would be OK, but 4.0, 4.2.7 or 5.0 are not OK. See
        Tcl documentation for package require and package
        vsatisfies. Especially, look at rule 3:

        'A "min-bounded" requirement is a "bounded" requirement in
        disguise, with the max part implicitly specified as the next
        higher major version number of the min part. A version
        satisfies it per the rules above.'

        In my opinion, this makes it impractical to specify version
        numbers with the 'package require' statements. The best way
        forward is probably to remove all version specifications
        from the package require statements.

  2. Nr          : 1011308
     Title       : Reports with paramaters fails if parameter name
                   consists of more than 1 word

        Reports with paramater(s) fails if parameter name consists
        of more than 1 word.

        This is caused by a bug in Itcl (see and

        I have worked around this bug by introducing a translation
        table for the variables bound to entry widgets in class
        ParmObject in source report.tcl.

        A similar solution was already introduced for forms (see bug
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