File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: oracle_fdw 0.9.9

Release Notes

This release fixes a number of bugs, but most notably introduces support for PostgreSQL 9.3

Change Log

- Enable build with PostgreSQL 9.3.

- Fix error "ORA-01406: fetched column value was truncated"
  caused by timestamps with precision greater than 6.
  Per report from David E. Wheeler.
- Fix crash with IN lists that do not entirely consist of constants.
  Per report from Wang Dong.
- Fix handling of parameters during pushdown of WHERE conditions.
  The previous implementation returned incorrect results for certain
  queries like SELECT ... WHERE colname = (SELECT ...)
  ATTENTION: Since correct handling of parameters is not possible before
  PostgreSQL 9.2, query parameters will not be pushed down in PostgreSQL 9.1.
  This is a regression for cases where this happened to work.
- Fix a logical error that can lead to incorrect Oracle WHERE clauses.
- Fix a bug that can lead to the incorrect omission of a scan clause,
  leading to wrong results.
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