File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.1.4

Release Notes

2013-04-17  -  SkyTools 3.1.4  -  "Boldly Going Nowhere"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * londiste create-node: Creation data from config.  The need to 2 connection
      string in command line was major usability problem in create-* commands.
      Now initial setup can be described in config.
    * newgrants: Londiste can read from provider using non-privileged user.
    * scripts/ Generic script for processing
      large data sets in small batches.

  = Minor features =

    * londiste status: significant speed up of getting status on big cascades
    * londiste: remote_extra_connstr config option that will be added
      to remote node connect strings.  Needed when more than several cascaded
      scripts are running, with different privileges in local and remote node.
    * scriptmgr: User switching with sudo.  Script sections can
      contain user= option that makes scriptmgr launch sudo to run script.
    * londiste compare: Added --count-only switch
    * BaseScript: skylog_locations config options
    * skytools.Config: New default variables: config_dir, config_file.
    * Parse & merge Postgres connect strings
    * skytools_upgrade: add force option
    * londiste: new drop_obsolete_partitions(2) function
    * londiste: added dispatch handler arg retention_period

  = Fixes =

    * londiste: Sync SQL keywords with 9.3git.
    * handers/ 'keep_latest' row_mode processes now deletes properly.
    * Check for -lrt - needed when building against libevent.
    * adminscripts: Make info commands not use pidfile.  Otherwise they will
      not run if some writing admin command is running.
    * Londiste compare: It's now compatible with 8.2.
    * londiste.create_partition: Set owner to match parent table.
    * londiste.create_trigger: Fixed skip-trigger check compatibility with postgres 9.x.
    * londiste.create_trigger: Added check for after-trigger being overshadowed by skip-trigger.

  = Cleanups =

    * Refactor Consumer code.
    * Remove: pgqadm and related code, its unmaintained
    * Sweeping change to postpone log string formatting
    * docs: copy-condition removed from londiste3 man page
    * Various logging cleanups
    * Londiste: fix trigger generation when extra params that are add-table specific are used (introduced in commit 364ade9)
    * londiste: quote queue name in trigger args
    * londiste: actually execute the ENABLE/DISABLE RULE query in londiste.create_partition
    * londiste/handlers/dispatch: fixed issue with missing part_func description
    * londiste.handler: disable shortcut for specifying handler args together with its name
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