File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.1.5

Release Notes

2013-07-31  -  SkyTools 3.1.5  -  "Caution, Blind Man Driving"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * walmgr: new command createslave and new option --synch-standby
    * londiste: Dispatch handler extended to support sharding
    * skytools.skylog: added UdpTNetStringsHandler

  = Minor features =

    * londiste add: --skip-non-existing option
    * londiste add-table: --skip-non-existing ignores tables not on provider
    * londiste add-table: --find-copy-node working with --create now
    * londiste resync: supports --find-copy-node and --copy-node options now
    * londiste resync: now checks if table is available on provider
    * londiste --wait-sync: show progress in absolute numbers
    * londiste.handlers.dispatch: added switch to ignore events aiming at obsolete (dropped) partitions
    * querybuilder: show list of missing arguments on KeyError
    * scripts/ added consumer_filter option
    * skytools.sockutil.set_tcp_keepalive: accept socket object directly

  = Fixes =

    * londiste copy: fix data filtering when parallel_copies > 1
    * londiste.playback: support multiple -v options for workers
    * made less verbose
    * pgq.Consumer: non-lazy loading should use RetriableEvent
    * pgq.logutriga: do not quote '-'
    * grantfu: 2-pass processing

  = Cleanups =

    * londiste: inform about no tables passed on cmd line (thus nothing to do)
    * doc: mention config option in create-* commands
    * parse_pgarray: allow None
    * londiste status: make node name easier to select
    * scripts/ added suffix "3" to service name
    * skytools.timeutil: make tests more robust
    * londiste: changed handler argument 'key' to 'hash_key'
    * londiste: moved hash_key logic from dispatch to part handler
    * londiste.handlers: renamed handler 'part' to 'shard'
    * pgq: Consumer class also need _make_event, for _load_batch_events_old()
    * pgq: move RetriableEvent to
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