File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.5.0

Release Notes

pg_statsinfo 2.5.0 is released! It can work in PostgreSQL 9.3 and add some new features. Please see change log for getting more detail.

Change Log

* Work in PostgreSQL 9.3.
* Add collective statistics under following.
  - Maximum number of backend
  - Unit of parameter values in postgresql.conf

* Change default pg_statsinfo outputed log file name to "pg_statsinfo.log".
* Add configuration which enable or disable alert functions, it can set each alert item freely.
* Add under following alert function
  - correlations in each tables
  - maximum number of backends
  - empty disk space in tablespace
  - load average
  - amount of disk swap
  - amount of replication delay

* Change output checkpoint log and auto vacuum log messages in pg_statsinfo's text log. Before version is'nt output these log messages intentionally.
* Add collecting statistics in restartpoint in standby server
* Add fall-back mode if repository database server is not collectly working or not connecting. Before version, pg_statsinfo output error logs until fixed.
* Add report items in command-line reporting feature.
  - amount of replication delay
  - number of executed and execution time in auto analyze
  - unit of parameter values in postgresql.conf

* Add command of pg_statsinfo agent operations.
  - stop pg_statsinfo agent
  - start pg_statsinfo agent
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