File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Npgsql2.0.14.3

Release Notes



    Fixed bugs:

        Boolean constants converted to ETRUE and EFALSE instead of TRUE and FALSE.
        Thanks  Fix cherry-picked from Master.



    Fixed bugs:

        Fixed bug causing EF to throw System.Data.ProviderIncompatibleException.
        Npgsql was not returning a provider manifest.


    Npgsql 2.0.14

    Fixed bugs:

        Unknown error fields from the backend can cause backend communication to go out of sync, causing a
        hang or confusing/incorrect error condition. This bug was exposed by new error fields introduced
        in PG 9.3.

        [#1011136], [#1011302] Npgsql wouldn't allow a timeout higher than 2147 seconds.

I'd like to specially thank Glen Parker and Shay Rojansky for all their help with this release. Thank you!

Change Log

commit 57d8ce0812670eda668cd8c9f209a2b8eef3b86e
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Sat Dec 21 12:45:32 2013 -0800

    Updated for

commit 5526bbbfa7e78cffb58eaf8abf258fec0d5de243
Author: cody82 <>
Date:   Thu Jul 4 10:40:21 2013 +0200

    Bugfix: Boolean constants converted to ETRUE and EFALSE instead of TRUE and FALSE.
    Error output of EdmGen:
    EdmGen for Microsoft (R) .NET Framework version 4.5
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Loading database information...
    error 6003: Fehler beim Ausführen der Befehlsdefinition. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der internen Ausnahme.
            FEHLER: 42703: Spalte »etrue« existiert nicht
    Generation Complete -- 1 errors, 0 warnings

commit 37856dccd72430c9be2e54ed9bb7679723c282f5
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Wed Dec 18 08:13:07 2013 -0800

    Steal policyFileBuild.bat from master and adapt to this branch.

commit d2235754837706276d4f6272c42f26d202e18032
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Sun Dec 15 14:55:58 2013 -0800

    Bug fix for EF, missing provider manifest.
    Fix NpgsqlProviderManifest.Manifest.xml file type.
    Bump version.
    Add release note and change log.

commit 5a84a00d916348ca20aa3e7d77c8429dbf3d2674
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Sat Dec 7 13:23:21 2013 -0800

    Build updates
    Copied 2012 project files from master, modified for this branch.
    Copied Mono.Security files and organization from master.
commit 75ae729753f352345550a6772078cae39399f1a1
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Fri Dec 6 12:56:34 2013 -0800

    Final 2.0.14 updates
    Add packages/NUnit from master.
    Add VS2012 files.
    Update test suite files for NUnit 2.6.2.
    + .gitignore, - .cvsignore

commit dc82f363154003567f0d8a9aaed9e34007ce152c
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Wed Dec 4 12:58:07 2013 -0800

    Update changelog, release notes, and AssemblyInfo.cs for bug fix version 2.0.14.

commit 44a6ae6370c2ea5785096dbc70e21fb76327ae2e
Merge: 3d476eb 39cb5d2
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Wed Dec 4 09:01:07 2013 -0800

    Merge pull request #114 from glenebob/2.0.12
    2.0.12 bug fixes

commit 39cb5d20cefb0654a113c9645ea1155c7b1d8022
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Tue Dec 3 06:52:00 2013 -0800

    Backport the Socket.Poll() fix from 03/10/2013 to the 2.0.12 branch.

commit 5800eec287fc72ee4d051750b05253aed8deb46e
Author: Glen Parker <>
Date:   Tue Dec 3 06:49:19 2013 -0800

    Bug fix: NpgsqlError now properly consumes and discards unknown error fields.
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