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Release Name: Npgsql 2.2.0-beta1

Release Notes

The Npgsql Development team is proud to announce that Npgsql 2.2 beta1 is now available!

Complete release notes for this release can be found on our github release page:

This release has the following highlights:

Visual Studio DDEX support

Kenji Uno added support for DDEX. Now you can use Npgsql with Visual Studio data designer. This is a missing feature a lot of our users requested in the past. Kenji added a tutorial about how to use Npgsql with DDEX. You can find it here.

Support for EFMigration and Database creation in EF6+

David KarlaĆĄ added support for that. Now it is possible to start Code First projects without needing to create a database upfront. EntityFramework and Npgsql will take care of it.

Emil Lenngren added support for a lot of missing features of EntityFramework.

Check out this list containing fixes from David and Emil as well as others for EntityFramework.

SSLStream support

In this release, SSLStream is on by default.

If you want to use Mono.Security, you will need to use the following line in your code:

NpgsqlConnection.UseSslStream = false;

Note that in future releases, this option may not be available anymore as we are removing the dependency on Mono.Security assembly. Let us know in the forums if you have any problem with ssl when using SSLStream. This will help us check if we will be able to remove Mono.Security assembly.

Added support for JSON, JSONB and HSTORE datatypes

Shay added support for those datatypes.

Added GSSAPI support on Windows

Brian Crowell added support for GSSAPI on windows. Now it is easier to use Active Directory when authenticating users.

Removed support for protocol v2

Postgresql versions which use only protocol 2 are very old and don't receive support from postgresql group anymore. By removing support for protocol version 2, we removed a lot of code and can focus on functionalities provided by protocol 3.

Removed support for Postgresql 8.3 and below

In this thread, we talked about making Npgsql support the officially supported postgresql versions. Postgresql has a table of officially supported versions and we decided to follow this table regarding which postgresql version we will have support. 

This doesn't necessarily mean that Npgsql won't work on unsupported versions.It may work if we don't add any SQL or unsupported feature. For example, today Npgsql 2.2 works only on Postgresql 8.2 and above because we added server side support for command timeout handling and some other queries which aren't supported on earlier versions.
If you are using earlier postgresql versions, please, use an older version of Npgsql. We are creating a compatibility table to show which Postgresql version Npgsql works with.

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