File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.7.2

Release Notes

This is a maintenance release of Pyrseas 0.7 to address various issues.

All 0.7.x users are encouraged to upgrade, e.g., pip install --upgrade, at the earliest convenience.

Change Log

  Fixed various issues, including:

  * Do not error on tables whose names start with 'public' (#109)

  * Deal properly with inherited constraints in children tables (#102)

  * Handle external languages like plv8 correctly (#97)

  * Correct quoting of mixed case constraint names (#83)

  * Avoid problems with certain complex index definitions (#98)

  * Have dbtoyaml output correctly a table with an embedded period in
    the name and having an associated sequence (#79)

  * Use relative paths in database summary for ``--multiple-files``

  * Support mapping of indexes on materialized views (#82)
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