File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: libpqxxobject-0.1.6

Release Notes

** New features
   New autoupdate() method added to row_base.  This will insert the
   row if it is not yet inserted, or update if it has been inserted.
   Added a field_proxy class to proxy any field class.  It will allow
   restricted access to a field, for example read-only access.
** Changes
   transaction allows std::ostringstream and query objects to be used
   in addition to std::string as arguments for all query methods.
   The library has been renamed from libpqxx-object to pqxx-object.

Change Log

2004-05-22  Roger Leigh  <>
        * Version 0.1.6.
        * Don't generate pkg-config template.
        * Renamed libpqxx-object to libpqxxobject.
2004-05-10  Roger Leigh  <>
        * Fixed problems with field_proxy copy constructors, but
        field_proxy_readonly is currently a non-const method.
        * Added test of field_proxy to tutorial.
2004-04-02  Roger Leigh  <>
        * transaction exec(), exec_noresult() and perform() methods
        are overloaded to allow std::ostringstream and query objects
        in addition to std::string.
        * query_helpers use static methods so that they do not require
        * Added an autoupdate method to row_base, to insert or update a
        row as is appropriate.
        * Added a field_proxy class to act as a proxy for a field class.
2004-04-01  Roger Leigh  <>
        * query_helpers contain a static apply() function, which means the
        class does not have to be instantiated.

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