File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: Npgsql 1.0RC3

Release Notes


    Npgsql 1.0 RC3

    Features added:

        Added bit data type support. NpgsqlDbType.Bit parameters can receive Boolean or Int32 values. Odd Int32 values are converted to 1 and even values to 0. Thanks Frans Bouma for heads up.

    Bug fixes:

        Fixed culture problems when getting field index. Npgsql wasn't comparing field names correctly. Thanks Joe Audette (joe_audette at yahoo dot com) for patch.
        Changed the synchronization mechanism for asynchronous socket connections.  This prevents a race condition that allows an unopened socket to be passed to a NetworkStream.  See thread at and for more information. (Josh Cooley)
        Fixed problem with AsyncNotification handling. It was incorrectly lefting data on stream. This was causing problems with See Big thanks to Josh Cooley for his help on fixing this problem.
        Added missing code to release any listen registered in connection before returning it to pool.This could cause later connections retrieved from pool to receive events user didn't add listen for.
        Improved Notification handling by wrapping calls with try catch to avoid potential problems with exceptions without exception blocks inside user code. This could kill our notification thread.
        [#1000685] NpgsqlCommandBuilder doesn't set parameters values of row (Npgsql ver RC2): Fixed command builders GetInsertCommand, GetUpdateCommand, and GetDeleteCommand to use the values from the row passed when called directly. (Josh Cooley)
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