File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: pgcluster-1.1.2rc5-patch

Release Notes

This patch is for PostgreSQL-7.4.13 in order to create PGCluster-1.1.2rc5.
PGCluster-1.1.2rc5 is a synchronous replication system using PostgreSQL-7.4.13. And this is rc5 of PGCluster-1.1.2.

Change Log

This version is fixed dead lock determination bug and add following new function. 
(1)-The queue which put the received query during recovery changed to file from memory (message queue). 
(2) Not only "rsync" but "pg_dump" can be chosen as the recovery method. (This means that PGCluster is dynamically upgradable. ) 
When you want to recovery the cluster DB using pg_dump command, you can restart cluster DB with "-U" option.
(3) This package is the re-uploded version.
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