File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: openrpt-2.0.0

Release Notes

MAC Universal binaries can be download from

Change Log

2.0.0 ChangeLog

Feature Additions

  * Added support to XSqlQuery to be able to capture errors and notify a listener
  * Converted code-base to Qt4
  * Added/Updated command line argument support for RPTrender application
  * Added Export to PDF functionality to API and RPTrender application
  * Added Page Break functionality
  * Added API methods to handle printing multiple reports to a single print session
  * Enhanced the Defined Parameters functionality in OpenRPT and RPTrender applications

Bug Fixes

  * Updated XSqlQuery to pre-bind a null value as the first value to overcome a Qt4 architecture change
  * Updated code to support using MinGW
  * Improved barcode rendering code
  * Fixed crash problem that occurred under some circumstances
  * Fixed subtotal problem reporting incorrectly on last group footer
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