File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: pgcluster-1.7rc2

Release Notes

PGCluster-1.7.0rc2 is a synchronous replication system using PostgreSQL-8.2.0. 
And this is rc2 of PGCluster-1.7.0.

Change Log

This version is fixed JDBC connection bug.

And added following functions.
(1)improved performance of prepared query
You can choose whther replicate 'prepared as select' query.
This parameter (not_replicate_prepared_select) is in the 'postgresql.conf'.
Default setting is 'false' (means it replicate).

(2)authentication support
It support replication of session which is required usr authentication.
Password and MD5 are supported as the certification method.

(3)log rotation
The debug message of replication server can be written into the specified log file.
You can specify the file name, each file size and  log-rotation times.
These setup are discribed in Cluster.conf

The session time-out between Cluster DB and Replication server was added as parameter in each configuration file.


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