File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.1 beta1

Release Notes

* New maintainer: Neil Conway. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Open Technology Group.

* Change build system to use just a normal Makefile and the Postgres PGXS infrastructure, rather than pmk. This means pmk is no longer a build dependency.

* Various fixes to allow pgmemcache to be built against PostgreSQL 8.2, including adding PG_MODULE_MAGIC. I've briefly tested this release against CVS HEAD, 8.2, and 8.1. 
Note that this release will NOT compile against PostgreSQL 8.0 or earlier; if this is important to people, this could be fixed pretty easily.

* Fix a logic error in memcache_set_cmd(): as a result, memcache_set() and memcache_replace() now work as intended, instead of being aliases for memcache_add().

* Fix a buffer overflow in memcache_gen_host(): this function neglected to allocate space for the varlena header.

* Fix a read of uninitialized memory in memcache_atomic_op(), memcache_delete() and memcache_set_cmd().

* Remove all the code that connected and disconnected from SPI. As far as I can see, pgmemcache has no need to use SPI at all: SPI is
  intended for issuing SQL queries, which pgmemcache has no need to do. Similarly, use palloc() rather than SPI_palloc().

* Fix various compiler warnings with gcc -Wall on AMD64, and presumably other platforms as well. Use the C99 "PRIu64" macro to get a portable printf(3) conversion specifier for 64-bit unsigned integers.

* Fix error message style for elog() message strings: error message should not begin with a capital letter.

* Optimize a few functions to use a stack-allocated StringInfoData, rather than a heap-allocated StringInfo.

* Fix typo in the implementation of memcache_stat(TEXT).
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