File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: pgcluster-1.7.0rc4-patch

Release Notes

This patch is for PostgreSQL-8.2.3 in order to create PGCluster-1.7.0rc4.
PGCluster-1.7.0rc4 is a synchronous replication system using PostgreSQL-8.2.3. 
And this is rc4 of PGCluster-1.7.0.

Change Log

In this version, based PostgreSQL is upgraded to 8.2.3.

And the life check function is added.
The following tags are added into "cluster.conf", "pgreplicate.conf" and "pglb.conf".
 o Lifecheck_Timeout : 
    timeout of the lifecheck response
 o Lifecheck_Interval : 
    interval time of the lifecheck
You can set these value between 1 second to 1 hour.
    10s     -- 10 seconds 
    10min   -- 10 minutes 
    1h      -- 1 hour
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