File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.2 beta1

Release Notes

This release has a lot of new code and backward-incompatible changes;
it might be more accurate to label it "2.0".

* Add the pgmemcache.default_servers GUC variable. This specifies a
  list of memcached servers ('host:port' pairs) that pgmemcache will
  connect to by default. To use this, add pgmemcache to
  preload_shared_libraries and custom_variable_classes, and then
  define pgmemcache.default_servers as desired, all in postgreql.conf

* Remove memcache_free() and memcache_init(). Instead, define
  _PG_init() and _PG_fini() functions, so that Postgres can invoke
  them to do the appropriate initialization/cleanup work when
  pgmemcache is loaded/unloaded from a process.

* Don't allocate any memory in TopMemoryContext directly. Instead,
  create a small, long-lived context as a child of TopMemoryContext
  and use that for the allocations we need to make.

* Add a new function, memcache_server_remove().

* Add a new SRF, memcache_server_list().

* Fix compile breakage against recent CVS HEAD.

* Change memcache_server_find(TEXT) and memcache_server_find(INT4)
  to use OUT parameters, rather than returning a 'host:port' pair as a
  single text value.

* Fix for crashes in memcache_incr(), memcache_decr(),
  memcache_hash(): these weren't prepared to handle NULL inputs.

* Fix crash bug in memcache_flush_all0(): this function tried to
  access a nonexistent function argument.

* Remove support for memcache_add(TEXT), memcache_set(TEXT), and
  memcache_replace(TEXT). These were pointless, and treated NULL as
  the empty string, which is wrong.

* Remove support for the "flags" concept from the API. This wasn't
  actually feature complete (there was no way to fetch a flags value),
  and was buggy anyway. I might readd this later.

* Removed deprecated function memcache_flush_all(TEXT);
  memcache_flush(TEXT) should be used instead.

* Various code cleanup, editorialization on error message formats,
  and refactorings.
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