File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.1

Release Notes

2007-04-06  -  SkyTools 2.1.1  -  "Needs more thrust to fly"

    SkyTools got big reorg before release, but with the hoopla
    with the 3 projects at one, it did not get much testing...

    There are some untested areas still, but at least pgq/londiste
    are in better shape now.

Change Log

    * pgqadm: finish conversion...
    * londiste.Syncer:
      - Convert to new API
      - Avoid ticking, parallel ticks are dangerous
      - Bad arg in repair
    * pgq:
      - too aggressive check in register_consumer
      - Algo desc for batch_event_sql
    * Add some knobs to make regtests for londiste pass
      more predictibly.
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