File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.4

Release Notes

2007-04-16  -  SkyTools 2.1.4  -  "Sweets from last Christmas"

Change Log

    = Fixes =

    * logtriga.c was supposed to survive mismatched column string,
      but the logic were buggy.  Thanks go to Dmitriy V'jukov for
      good analysis.
    * Couple of scripts were not converted to new API.  Fix it.
    * Quiet a warning in textbuf.c
    * Make configure and Makefiles survive on BSD's where 'make'
      is not GNU make.  Thanks to Hans-Juergen Schoening.

    = Features =

    * Published WalMgr was an old version.  Sync with internal code,
      where Martin has done lot of enhancements.
    * Small incompat change in PGQ: add fields to pgq.get_consumer_info()
      return type.  Example upgrade procedure:

          DROP TYPE pgq.ret_consumer_info cascade;
          \i structure/types.sql
          \i functions/pgq.get_consumer_info.sql

      It will show some errors but thats ok.  Its annoying but needed
      for the tick_id cleanup in SerialConsumer/Londiste.
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