File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: openrpt-2.1.0

Release Notes

MAC Universal binaries can be download from

Change Log

2.1.0 ChangeLog


   Feature Additions

     o Added new Pre/Print renderer engine that allows for pre-rendering a
       document in a meta format then using one or more post-renderers to
       render that document in a device dependant manner

     o Added new literal() function to MetaSQL

     o Added command-line support for print-to-pdf in RPTRender application

     o Added wrapper code for old renderer to use new rendering engine which
       is compile time enabled by default

     o Updated OpenRPT Writer tool bar icons

     o Added support for new Label "CILS ALP1-9200-1"

     o Added support for standard URL formatting with backward support for
       old style

     o Added configuration option to compile MAC binaries as Universal

   Bug Fixes

     o Additional Qt3->4 conversion/backward compatibility removal

     o Fixed MetaSQL Editor tool bar icons to always show up correctly

     o Fixed the menu handling code in embedded writer library to work
       correctly when using free-floating windows
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